I don’t have a quilting room/ studio–except in the sense that I have a quilting room which is also a living room and a dinning room and a library, etc. etc.. The one bedroom apartment I’m in right now is a big step up from the one room cabin I lived in for a few years, but it still feels small quickly once I open up the sewing machine table, and set up the ironing board, and set up the clothes rack for fabric, and take over the table with my cutting mat.


A couple of days ago, I became sick of all the mess and extra stuff out in the room. I moved two small projects forward to the hand quilting stage, so that I could pack things away and have a few low-impact things on the go. There’s the top and bottom for the Modern Crosses cushion I’m making, as well as another cushion top to match the first quilt I made a few years ago.


I used 505 basting spray to hold the sandwiches together. I’m a big fan of this stuff: better quilting through modern technology! The sandwich backs are pieced out of that creepy teddy bears fabric.

I really like this stage of a quilting project. It’s so nice to just settle into the couch with a project on my lap.


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