Finished Object: Narragansett Sweater

This finished object, the Narragansett sweater, isn’t a “ta-da!” so much as a “ta-hmmmm…”


This really is the kind of sweater I love to wear (and the kind of project I like to knit): it’s relatively plain and straight-forward, but with a really attractive detail to keep things from being too boring.

I do, however, have a little bit of a fit issue. The neckline is wide wide wide, so it just doesn’t stay up on my shoulders. I also find the yoke (neckline to under the arms) a little too long. This will be a relatively straightforward fix–just cut into the yoke, pick up the live stitches and re-knit the top band of twisted rib, with a few decreases worked in there to tighten things up. Not a big deal to do, but something I am not in the mood for right now. This sweater’s going into the closet, rather than back into the pile of unfinished projects.


And I did, by the way, fix the incorrect ribbing at the bottom. Of course I fixed the incorrect ribbing at the bottom!


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