More Hand Quilting Progress

I’ve been spending a lot of time curled up on the couch, stitching away at the Girly Quilt.


I’m hand quilting it in three colours of pearl cotton: pink, green and orange.


I had intended to use mostly pink for the quilting, with just a bit of orange and green here and there, but I didn’t have enough of the pink.


And I didn’t want to wait a month for more thread to arrive in the mail, so I’m using more green and more pink. The unofficial theme of this quilt is Work With What You Got. (Isn’t that a great video?)


Hand Quilting Progress

Just… stitching away…

handqprogress1 handqprogress3handqprogress2handqprogress4

I have found it convenient to corral my thread lube, thimble and thread into this little ashtray–I’m much less likely to drop something. And the thread snips are a new tool which are well worth the $3.29 impulse buy.



I don’t have a quilting room/ studio–except in the sense that I have a quilting room which is also a living room and a dinning room and a library, etc. etc.. The one bedroom apartment I’m in right now is a big step up from the one room cabin I lived in for a few years, but it still feels small quickly once I open up the sewing machine table, and set up the ironing board, and set up the clothes rack for fabric, and take over the table with my cutting mat.


A couple of days ago, I became sick of all the mess and extra stuff out in the room. I moved two small projects forward to the hand quilting stage, so that I could pack things away and have a few low-impact things on the go. There’s the top and bottom for the Modern Crosses cushion I’m making, as well as another cushion top to match the first quilt I made a few years ago.


I used 505 basting spray to hold the sandwiches together. I’m a big fan of this stuff: better quilting through modern technology! The sandwich backs are pieced out of that creepy teddy bears fabric.

I really like this stage of a quilting project. It’s so nice to just settle into the couch with a project on my lap.