Yes, Please #3

I tend to side with Beatrice* when it comes to marriage: “Not til God make men of some other metal than earth.” My version of this, which I wrote recently in an email to my father, is “I want an MA not an Mrs., if you get my drift” (we were talking grad school funding). But… I do have a Pinterest board called Fake Wedding Planning (with one pin). And I love it when Refinery 29 photographs city hall weddings. This latest batch shows some great knee-length lace, as well as one daring bride in black. I’ve long thought it would be great to get married in red thanks to this song.

(*As an aside, that is a weirdly terrible trailer for Branagh’s perfectly acceptable adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. I’m not sure why they emphasize “adventure” so much when really the whole play is just a bunch of rich bored people making messes of their love lives because they don’t know what to do with their time now that they are no longer at war. The Whedon adaptation is inferior, but the trailer is much better.)


Snacks I Consumed…

…while reading the inaugural issue of Snacks Quarterly:

Snask Beth is great. Also, the illustration by Matthew Hollister would make a great snack-themed quilt. You could hand quilt with pearl cotton to make the holes on the graham cracker.


And as for that cookie flavoured hot chocolate: definitely super sweet, and definitely tastes like the cookie in a way that is definitely weird.